Low Income Housing

Friday, November 16, 2012
Me and hubby has been dreaming to have our own house but unfortunately we cant afford to have one.  We are living in a one bed room apartment right now and my mom is coming soon this December. I have been looking a 2 bed room apartment and I think I am switching to find a house that we can rent. Im so happy I found low income housing program to those people who needs home like me. I think this will be a better for me and my family especially if my mom will be here. It's be a bigger family so we need a bigger place to stay. 

If you go to .lowincome.org/, you can apply for a low income housing and that's what I am really doing right now. I am crossing my fingers that me and husband will get approved since we our household income is below $40,000. I am positive  though that we can get a house for rent that is cheap and I think our year for 2013 will be better. It would be a new house, new life in a new year!! Hopefully a new job!!

translation company

I have been seeing advertisement about Rosetta Translation and since the day I saw the advertisement I told my self I want to be a multi-language speaker and I think that would be cool and I think I will gain more friends by speaking different languages. I am eager to learn Japanese and Spanish language and also Italian. I am actually studying some words with those languages but I know it's not enough that's why I really wanted to learn those languages through this translation company. I'm sure I will be fluent speaking those languages if Ill take Rosetta. I am working and been trying to save money so I can learn at Rosetta one day. 

 Anyway, Rosetta also offers Legal translation, Financial translation, Technical translation, Medical translation. So if you are in business and you are trying to make a deal with someone with a different language then Rosetta will work for you. I think It will be an advantage for the business owners to work with Rosetta Translation because it will give them more transactions and more business to work with other people who don't speak English.

 So basically Rosetta translation is a very big help to all of us who wants to connect with other people who don't speak same language like English. The business with them will be more easier than you ever think.

Zenni Optical is the best brand you can have for eye glasses

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Since I started using my laptop I spend a lot of time using the internet now. Now my eyes are teary when I stay on the computer for like 1 hr without taking a break. My husband said I need eyeglasses now to protect my eyes from the rays of the computer and I think that's what I really need. Before I don't really listen to my husband until one day my eyes got red and hurt and I got headache.

 Now, I'm looking for eyeglasses indeed. And I'm so thankful I found http://www.zennioptical.com I love all the designs and color available in the website. The frames are nice and I'm gonna get a rectangular kind of frames. It will surely look nice for me If I get one.

 I love how they have this virtual try-on frames because you can get what size you are using and will surely fit in your face.So if ill get one i will never have a problem with it. I'm so really glad they have this very cheap and very affordable eyeglasses that best for me so I will surely get one cause I really need one right now. Check the site now if you get one for your self.

Valence Group

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I know a lot of companies out there when they are trying to find or if they need for chemicals they started to make a research that is related to a chemical m&a advisory company with services. Of course that will surely include the buying and selling about chemical m&a  Well, right now for those companies who are trying to invest in chemical there is chemical investment banking that you can use or chemical advisory company called the Valence Group . 

  The Valence group is chemical investment banking company The Valence Group has the  international chemical mergers and acquisitions from North America, Europe and Asia. The Valence Group can provide their clients or companies who wants to invest in chemical m&a with optimal advice because they have specialists or professionals in terms of chemicals. They have senior professional or experts when it comes in the chemicals, materials and related sectors in each of their offices; and they are ready to advise your company on their chemical investments. You will never ever regret if one day you will decide to invest with them. If you find that have a need for a chemical advisory panel or group that you need you can find the Valence Group at www.valencegroup.com.

affordable health insurance

Friday, October 5, 2012
I have been looking for affordable health insurance when me and my family disqualified for Medi-Cal. I was only approved with Medi-Cal when I got pregnant and had to work lesser than I used to work. And now that  am back to work again I need a health insurance. Even my company offers health benefits it still not affordable. You still have to pay a lot and with co-payment and laboratory fees and more. That's why I didn't sign up on it because I know I can still find affordable insurance out there with out co-payment and hidden fees when you go get check up or when you get sick.

We all know that we have to get or we should have health insurance all the time. We will never ever predict what will happen in the next day. We might get injuries and get sick or need to go to the doctor for whatever reason. That's why I really want to get health insurance so I can secure myself, my husband especially my little one.

The Obamacare is here to help a lot of people like me who is low income family. I am so glad that I can finally sign up for low cost health insurance for me and my family. And I will surely inquire about it especially that my mom is coming in December. I cannot just neglect the health insurance since my mom is old and will get sick so easily.

At the website you can find affordable insurance to whatever Estate belongs too. Im sure it will give you a lot of information on which health insurance you would like to go and get.


Thursday, October 4, 2012
I knew that drinking wine benefits too. I wasn't really sure about it but when I started researching about it there is some benefits that you get in drinking wine. In the illustration below you will see how the wine made by wine maker. And it is believe that drinking wine will activates life longevity and can lower bad cholesterol too. And more benefits that you can get from wine.

I have tasted red wine too and I like it. I would say drinking red wine is bad at all. Just be responsible and know what you gonna do.

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
Presented By ONEHOPE Wine Online Fifty Percent of Profits Go To Charity

Provolone cheese

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I love to eat and so my family and speaking of eating me and my family loves cheeses. One of our favorite cheese brand is Sargento Cheese. Even my 2 yr old daughter loves the Sargento String cheese. She always eat them as her snacks. I can say Sargento Cheese is the best cheese ever I have. Every week we have a home made sandwich and I always make sure that I use the Provolone cheese Sargento brand in the sandwich. My husband loves our dinner when I make those sandwich.

If you haven't tried Sargento Cheese you should buy some in the market. I promise you that this cheese is really good. So if I were don't miss the goodness of life like eating those kind of food. I'm so happy I found Sargento Cheese cause I have a lot of recipes that need cheese on it and it makes my food more tasty and yummy.

You should put the Provolone Cheese in the Deli sandwich like I do and Im 100% sure you will love it.